Music Director

Sooa Chung

Native of the Seoul region, Sooa Chung began her musical career in 1984 in Yae-Won with her first flute lessons. Arriving in Switzerland, she continued her training at the Geneva and Lausanne conservatories. After graduating, she obtained her teaching diploma.

The first prize for flute virtuosity obtained in 1997 only increases his enthusiasm for music. In 1999, she was awarded the Certificate of Higher Studies in Solfeggio, and in the same year, she won first prize at the Grand concours de Gaston Crunelle, degré excellence.

Simultaneously, she attended the conducting courses in Pascal Favre's class, where she obtained a certificate of brass band and harmony conducting in 2000.
In 2001, she joined our ranks as Conductor and led us with a steady and dynamic hand.

Her happiness and her cheerfulness, which she transmits to each encounter, are very much appreciated within our band.
In 2005, she acquired Swiss citizenship.
In March 2007, during the concert of the Fanfare de la Verrerie, she performed as soloist "Carmen" on the flute.
In March 2016, she set up a concert for the 100th anniversary of the Fanfare de la Verrerie, combining music and singing with several local choirs.

Saint-Prex, Suisse

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